About us

EES is a social media agency in Vietnam with a modern & practical working style. Since 2017, EES has helped numerous domestic and foreign companies develop and strengthen their brands in Vietnam.



Core values

We believe that culture is not defined by material things: fancy offices, free lunches, pool tables…  Culture is rooted in the work process and values we pursue.


Always live & work with integrity. “What is right is not always popular, and what is popular is not always right.” — Albert Einstein


You must be responsible for your work, your words, your actions, and your commitments.


Speak up what you think. We believe that work and relationships are better when people can share their feelings and thoughts openly and constructively.

Organizational model

From 2017 to 2022, EES operated according to a traditional model, similar to that of other marketing companies. Since 2023, EES has undergone extensive restructuring and changed to a new operating model, inspired by the Holacracy model. Unlike the traditional hierarchy model, Holacracy upholds the sense of responsibility and self-management.

Furthermore, EES has important elements such as:

100% remote

EES believes that we should not put people in a box and keep telling them to think outside the box. Flexible living & working style, with a well-organized system, will bring many benefits in terms of quality of work and life.

A wide range of talents in Vietnam

Because of the abandonment of the traditional office, EES opens up opportunities to work with many talented people from all over Vietnam. They are entitled to choose their place to live & work, enhance their experiences and get more creative inspiration.

Modern system

EES optimizes all working processes on the same system, helping to increase project management efficiency and bring convenience to customers.